Nom: Luserina Barows
Etoile: Chikai

Age: 18 ans
Sexe: F
Origine: Rainwall
Histoire: Petite dernière de la famille Barows, c'est une véritable perle parmi les siens. Honnête, intelligente et travailleuse, elle ne participe à aucun des coups bas de sa famille et n'hésite pas à s'opposer à elle par conviction.
Fonction: Gère l'équipe.
Recrutement: automatique

Fin: (si on a recruté Eresh) Donates the Barrows estate to the restoration effort, then continues to help as a new administrator.
(si on a recruté Euram, elle aide avec sa mère et son frère )

Participe aux batailles stratégiques:  oui
En tant que Leader d'unité: non
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: non
En tant que support: oui
capacité: Moral

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? non

="The Aethelbald Family"= I'm pretty sure I heard that my great- grandmother was of that family. So I guess that would make Egbert one of my distant relatives.
="Faylon and Faylen"= Those two suffered at the hands of my brother. I want to make them feel as comfortable as possible in the castle.
="Faylon"= The other day, he asked about my brother. I thought he would still be mad about  how my brother tricked him but, instead, he acted very strangely. At the end, he smiled and thanked me, saying, "That was helpful." I wonder what he meant...

Bains: -

#1: She's Lord Barows' daughter, but she's got none of her brother's incompetence. Believe it or not, she's a geniunely good person. Competent, too.
#2: Here's something our sources just came across; Lord Barows  planned for you and Luserina to marry! Of course, you probably already knew that...
#3: It took some digging, but I found a flaw in her characther. She doesn't get the concept of art. It doesn't matter what she's looking at. Any painting, any sculpture -- she has no idea if it's good or bad. Blame her dad for that one.