Nom: Silva
Etoile: Chirei

Age: 51 ans
Sexe: F
Origine: Lordlake
Histoire: Médecin, elle était autrefois la femme de Galleon. Ils ont divorcé longtemps auparavant.
Fonction: Medecin
Recrutement: automatique
Fin: Declines an offer to become Sun Palace doctor and opens a practic in Lordlake, where she looks after ordinary folk.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques:
En tant que Leader d'unité: non
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: non
En tant que support: oui
capacité: Soulagement

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? non

="Marina"= That girl is a hard worker. She even help makes the beds in the infirmary.  I'm really grateful.


#1: Silva hasn't got much of a bedside manner, but she's a hell of a doctor, regardless.
#2: When the Queen turned her wrath on Lordlake and scared other doctors away, she was the only one to stay and help. Because of that, she actually lost her license, and she's been practicing without one ever since. Good for her, I say.
#3: She traveled more when she was younger, never staying in a particular clinic for long. She volunteered to be an army doctor and saved lots of wounded troops on the battlefield. That's how she met... you know, "him."