Nom: Toma
Etoile: Tenkou

Age: 10 ans
Sexe: M
Origine: Lordlake
Histoire:Jeune garçon de Lordlake
Fonction: -
Recrutement: automatique
Fin: Armed with Galleon's training, he takes an apprenticeship at the Sun Palace, hoping to become a Queen's Knight.

Participe aux batailles stratégiques:
En tant que Leader d'unité: non
En tant qu'assistant d'unité: non
En tant que support: Oui
capacité: Survie

Peut être pris dans l'équipe? non

="Chisato"= I'm sorry, Prince. I was the one that put Chisato's letter in this box. I didn't know it was for one of her shows. I hope Chisato's no mad at me...


#1: Toma is an energetic young boy from Lordlake. He mentioned  you rescued him once when he was in trouble?
#2: The other kids treat him like a leader. They all adore him and call him their elder brother.
#3: The kid's got good instincts. One time, we had Shigure try to sneak up on him, and he noticed right away. Maybe he'd be  good at martial arts?