chapter 6: return

  In spite of the noise of the river, I hear steps  approaching and I must hide with Hinata behind rocks. I spend only a few seconds to gather our clothing and to erase our traces, before joining a cold Hinata. We see from our hiding-place the guards of the convoy arrive on the beach and examine the surroundings. Not finding any sign of the girl, they set out again and continue to follow the river.

We can't stay here. I must return quickly to the village, my absence will seem suspect, but Hinata.......
Neji: "Hinata, I must return to the village. Where do you want to go?"
Hinata doesn't say anything but she clings to me with a sad face.
Neji "You want to go back to Konoha?"
A shaking of head. It's yes.
Neji:"At home?"
Hinata shakes the head from left to right side.
Neji: "Then, at my home?"
Again shaking of head. It would be simpler if she could speaks, but she is obviously retaining herself to cry again. If she try to speak, she would melt in tears.
        With the pieces of the kimono, Hinata succeed (I don't know by which miracle) to manufacture a clothing. And I added my sweater on his back so that she doesn't take a cold. We get our way towards Konoha while crossing by forest, avoiding the roads. The voyage is done silently. My room is isolated from the rest of the house and to hide Hinata don't do problem.

Neji: "Hinata, I will  return this evening. Promise me that you will not move from there?"
She shakes the head. I gently kiss her on the face while leaving. She seems tired.
        I go to the headquarters. The majority of the team already left on mission, but mine await me. Tenten and Koichi sadly sat in the entry. While seeing me, Tenten rises and comes to my meeting.
Tenten:"Neji!! finally!! Where were you?!!! We waited you for hours!!!!"
Koichi: " Do you at least have news of Hinata? We don't succeeded  knowing !"
Neji: " Hinata left to marry with the son of a great family in another city."
Well , I don't say the continuation of the events. . Even if I think that they would help me to hide Hinata.. . I don't want that they help me. . . I want to keep her. . . Only  for me. A long moment of silence allow to my teammate to think about the situation and to conclude that they can't nothing. In policies, we don't have weight.
Tenten takes the head of our sad team and we leave on mission.

            The evening, after one working day without dynamism, after having to explain the history of the marriage to other chuunins, I can finally return at home. Curiously, nobody came to announce the dispartition of Hinata. Well, they will not be praised to have lost one of the Hyuuga girls in the river. But usually, one calls upon ninjas to find disappeared personn. To say the truthe, a big third of our missions, our, the chuunins, consists in finding something or somebody of lost.
            I am impatient to see again Hinata. Even if I don't know  how to react toward her, with what happened this morning. But when I open the door of my room, I don't see anybody! No, she had promised! the wall cupboard opens gently and show the anxious face of Hinata hidden inside.
Neji:"Hinata! You frightened me!"
Leaving her hiding-place, she comes to me. Her eyes are red of cry. Hinata, do you only come to seek reconfort near me? Or do I have a place in your heart? I avoid the question and I tighten her against me in silence.

chapter7: < Point of view: Hinata >

            I spent all the day to cry and sleep. "To cry isn't used for nothing" can be repeated to me lots of time, but I can't prevent me to cry, and after having cried much, I fell  myself better, lighter and more serene. Only after having cried,  I can start again to advance.
            And now that Neji returned, I feel reassured. I feel reassured by his arms which surround me, by his heat chest on which I am based, by his solid shouledrs on which I pose my head. Neji. You are the only person in whom I have confidence. You came to seek me, you tore off me from  the river, this marriage, this exile. You brought back me to Konoha. You gave me again courage to fight. even  if I don't know yet what I will do, I am not alone. You are with me.
        Two days passed. I am always hidden at Neji. I don't leave. My only news of the exterior world are bring by him to me. Life is normal at the village. For all villagers, I don't exist already anymore. Strangely, the news of my disappearance didn't come yet to Konoha. It make the life simpler to me,  not to be sought. . even if, in my heart, I'm sad to be ignored at this point.
        Since two days I think.. about my future. I must find a new way, since way  of Ninja is not anymore for me. Best would be to start again a life elsewhere, to leave on a journey. . but to say the truth, I am afraid to leave Konoha and to launch me in the unknown. I am so weak and awkward. . I don't think that I will succeed alone in the world. I don't want to be alone. And there is Neji.. . . . .

It took all the evening to us, but we succeeded in changing my appearance completely. I have colored my hair in black and I have a wig with long hair. My eyes posed problem. To hide their white  color, I must carry black lense, a little opaque, and I must use my Byakugan permanently to see more clearly. It's tiring, and I must also make up to hide my projecting veins. I also changed vestimentary style. I don't feel confort to wear clothing so feminin and so adjusted. But I must be accustomed. My freedom is at this price. 
        When I look myself in the mirror, I don't recognize myself. To do better, I think that it would be necessary to use genjutsu or a transformation. But the use of Jutsu is easier to discover than disguise. With a little prudence, they will  not be problem. 

           I collect the appreciative glance of Neji on my body, emphasized by my new clothing. A shiver traverses my  back and my heart beat faster. We are cousins, no?. . like brothers and sisters, since our father are twin. . then,what I want to say, it's prohibited, no? I would not have. I don't should be disturbed like that by Neji.. but  also, why he says and he does always things which make my heart burn. ? What happened at the edge of the river, it was an accident, no? You didn't want it, no? You hated  me formerly, don't say  me that now you like me. No, don't say it. . I am surprised by his hands which attract me towards him and by his lips on mine. And my conscience admits its defeat and lets my heart take over

           His lips go down gently  from my lips to my chin and my neck, and the hollow of my shoulder. A sigh escapes of my lips and I feel redden. He raises the head  and smiles by seeing my emotion. Then he turns over to my neck. The cold metal of its head band makes my skin tremble. And if I dare. . untie  the fabric and make fall the band. It's done. And his face is shown to my glance, and his seal. I let run my fingers on the black  features, symbol of so much hate. 
Hinata: "Neji. . this seal. it's so sad. . " 
Naji"Not anymore for me. It's the sign which proves that I belong to you. It's the sign which proves that I protect you all my life. It's the symbol of my love for you." 
I can't answer these words, except kiss his face. A small tear of joy runs on my cheek and he picks it by a kiss. I love you too, Neji. 

            The disguse, which took so many hours to install, falls on ground in less than one minute and the very close bed  welcomes our two intertwined bodies. his hands which caress me, his lips which consume me, his body which penetre gently mine. . so pleasure! I don't succed to prevent me to moan and shout of pleasure. My nails is planted in the powerful muscles of his  back while his movement accelerate. And when all is finished, I am surprised to find my fingers stained  by  blood. "You are a true tiger, Hinata." Neji makes fun nicely of me. Then we slip both into a reparator sleep. I hope... that nobody heard us. .

chapter 8: New life


I'm Yuuki Kishimoto, an orphan young girl from a mountain  village , and I came to Konoha to search a work. I have long purple dark hair and black eyes. Everyone says that I'm pretty, It makes me redden each time. However, I'm a little small and round... but I compensate while carrying high heels and sexy clothing...too sexy to my taste. . I'm very shy. . 
I think that you understood, I am Hinata.. . sorry, I was Hinata. Now I'm Yuuki. Yuuki means "courage". I will  be courageous. Even if to learn how live alone,after having lived in a rich family, is very hard, I will success. And then Neji is here to help me. 

Hum... Now, he sleeps. Yesterday evening, my small studio, my new house was installed. It's small, but as I have few  piece of furniture, it well be good. In fact, all that don't even own  me, it's old pieces of furniture and remainders of crockery that we recovered in an attic of Hyuga's family. Clothing and the other objects of the everyday life, Neji bought them to me.I, I don't own anything. It's better, like that, I don't have  anymore bond with my family. . . 
No, I shouldn't think any more of it. It isn't my family any more. 

I will work tomorrow. I want to become independent and refund Neji. Even if he absolutly want to offer me the clothing, I don't want to accept all gift. I didn't think of having. . .still as much pride.
hum..... For the moment Neji sleeps, and I don't succeed to. I felt depressive yesterday when I was installing me, and even if Neji comforted me, I still swim in the doubt and uncertainty.

My future. What will I become? Tomorrow, I know what I do: I work in a store. The day after tomorrow also, after-after-tomorrow too. But afterwards? And the next month, and next years?
And how cook, how to do the household, and purchase . . . ? I almost never had to do it. I am not very gifted.what will I do? And especially what do I want to do?

Neji grimble  in his sleep.
If I agitate too much, I will awake him.
It would be necessary that I manage to sleep a little.......
The ringing of the alarm clock-morning stops my few hours of sleep. Already? Yuuki, courage! Your first working day awaits you! The two lovers extract painfully from the bed-settee and recover their a little scattered clothing.
Hinata: "Do... do you want have your breakfast here, Neji? "
Neji: "No, I must pass at home, I don't have time. I go "
A kiss and he leave by the window, under the eyes of the neighbor womann who tries since yesterday to identifyi the new tenant of the apartment and her lover, in order to being able to inform the vicinity ( her principal occupation).

After breakfast, Hinata, sorry, Yuuki goes out and walks towards the shop where she found a work. By installing the display units for the day, she sees Neji passing in the street, which makes her a sign with the hand. He is joined by Tenten, and Yuuki retains not to make a sign to the girl with a small pinching in the heart.  Both chuunins leave towards the headquarters and Hinata continues to install the magazines on the display units with a point of regret.

The day of the girl occurs to sell newspapers and the evening arrives. When her employer allow her to go finally, Yuuki runs towards the forest and joins Neji in an isolated clearing.  She wants to continue training with the hope to become again ninja one day. Neji recently had an idea of a two-fighters technique, and this evening they will test. Neji is really very skilled for the fight, he invents even his own techniques. Yuuki admires the capacities of her cousin, no, not cousin anymore, her boyfriend.

 With the approach of winter, Neji insisted again to offer clothing to Yuuki, which wouldn't have enough to buy new ones, He knows it. He knows very well that her wages enable her just to pay the rent and her food, even if she doesn't complain. But Yuuki insists to go in the cheapest stores, whereas Neji wants to lead her towards better quality stores.
Yuuki:  "Neji,  a poor girl like me can't wear such beautiful clothing, everyone will find that suspicious..."
Neji: "Everyone in your district knows very well that you are maintained by a rich young man from a great family, then I can offer this to you."
Yuuki reddens with the evocation of her situation, but partly having the obstinated character. . let's say even completely unmovable of Hyuga family's member, she continues to draw het boyfriend towards shops with more accessible prices.
Hinata: "the other villagers don't know it, and it's not necessary that Ninjas inquire into my past by thinking that I obtain my incomes from an equivocal traffic"
Neji gives up.

Yes, you read : he GIVE UP in front of the small, very shy and very soft Hinata. You noticed too that the lovely girl spoke normally  with her cousin and even dared contradict him. The girl gained a lot in insurance lately. Having discovered with amazement that she was able to manage alone, to earn her living and to even have compliments on her work, she had gained a little confidence. -we should say also that there isn't nobody any more to lower her each time when she goes home. And Neji more and more doesn't succes anymore to resist to his cousin, no, his girlfriend, who makes him do all that she wants ( We should say that she asks little thing, and  very reasonable things. . or almost) with her small and soft voice.
Neji: "Ok, OK. But with a condition. . I offer a beautiful Kimono to you "

Obviously, Neji never accepts completely a defeat. Rather satisfies with this compromise, Yuuki agrees while smiling.  The begin to go in the shop when they are stopped by an acute howl: "NEJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! ".

Hustling in the passage an apathetic crowd (or a crowd tetanized by her piercing voice? ), an energetic Tenten joined the both lovers quickly.
Tenten: "Ah, ah, Neji! I suspected it! I was sour that you hid us something lately! It's your girl friend, hein? "
Neji: "Yes, she's called Yuuki. Yuuki, I introduce my noisy teammate Tenten to you."
A little reddening Yuuki greets the girl who details her attentively.
Tenten: "She's very beautiful. . but It seems to me that I have already met her. . Where that? Err ....... "
Yuuki and Neji see with concern Tenten  seeking in her memory.
Yuuki tries a shy answer: "I made several jobs in this sector, I perhaps sold you something"
Tenten: "It must be that! You make purchase together? How nice! "
Neji: "Yes, and besides, there, you disturb. You could leave us? "
Tenten: "As pleasant and delicate as  accustomed, hein, Neji? Say, Yuuki, how are you  able to support him? "
Yuuki answer timidly: "But Neji is very. . nice with me "
Tenten bursts of laughing and ends up leaving the lovers alone, impatient to spread the news among the Chunins.
Neji (a little irritated by Tenten.. .): "We goes there, in these shops?! "
The evening, Yuuki in a splendid black and gold kimono arranges her new clothing (cheap price) in her old wall-cupboard before joining Neji which admires her, sat on the sofa.
Neji: "Yuuki, removes your lenses, I want to see your eyes"
The integral white of Byakugan appears soon in the round face of the girl and shine in the ecrin of the dark hair and  kimono
Neji: "You are beautiful, Hinata."

chapter 9: to advance step by step.

Neji:"I'm home."
Muddy and tired Neji enters the tiny studio, welcomed by a horrified Yuuki (Hinata):
 "Neji, wait! You put mud everywhere... you can remove your clothing?".
Neji: "I just arrived, and you already start to tell  me indecent proposals?"
Yuuki reddens slightly and smiles, then give him one of his  yukata to replace mud clothing. There are always replacements clothes by Yuuki for the young chuunin, considering he passes the majority of his spare time with her, and isn't often at his home.

After a good shower, Neji is lowered on the bed-settee.
Yuuki: "Do you eat here, Neji? or do you return at home?"
Neji: "I dines here. About my  home... I believe that they all are well-informed that I have charming a girl friend... and that they would like to meet you."
Yuuki: "But, I can't, I..."
Neji: "There is no risk that they recognize you, in any event. I am sure our clan already made make a research about you, and that they didn't discover anything..."
Yuuki: "It's that I... I don't want to see them... I don't want to see any member of this family never again, but only you! I want to return never again in this family which gave up me! I, I..."
The tears are formed in the eyes of Yuuki. "I am sorry ..I... I couldn't support to re-see them again..."
Neji attracts the girl against him and gently rocks her against him: "Yuuki, it' OK... I'm here, I am with you... and I don't care of our family. If you don't want to see them, you will not see them... but I will always remain with you...."

Yuuki: "Neji, Neji, I succeeded! I succeeded!"
Neji has just pass the door of the village after a mission to the country of sand when Yuuki jumps to his neck, under the mocker eye of Tenten and Koichi.
Neji: "You awaited me? what did you succeed?"
Tenten: "Wah, they are so kawai (cute) together...."
Neji: "And why you don't make the same thing with Koichi, Tenten?"
Koichi: "Eh?"
Neji: "don't make the innocent one, I saw you both the other evening..."
Tenten: "PEEPING TOM! Hell  of Byakugan!!"
Neji: "Hé Hé Hé, I will propagate the news among the chuunins as quickly  as you did it for me and Yuuki."
Tenten: "If you do that....."
But Neji  runs away with Yuuki before the specialist in weapons of the team doesn't have time to invent a particularly painful form of reprisals.

Neji: "Then, Yuuki, what makes you so merry?"
Yuuki: "Dr. Isha agreed to take me as assistant! I will be able to continue to learn medicine! I am so happy! He is a specialist in medicine in our village, and not only in medicine, in the seals and the curses also "
Neji: "seals and curses? You are interrested?"
Yuuki: "Yes, I don't know lots of thing about, but now that Dr. explained me a little what it is, I want to learn."
Neji: "in any case congratulation. We go to the restaurant to celebrate that this evening? I pay!"
Any case, he would never let Yuuki  pay the restaurant.
Yuuki: "Euh..Neji... I must nevertheless say you... that I would have... Naruto who comes sometimes to this doctor."
Neji solidifies a little, He continues being very jealous of Naruto.
Yuuki: "but, you know... for Naruto... I like him, but he's... a friend. And in anyway... he is with Sasuke... "

Indeed, the disappearance of Hinata caused a chain reaction which led Naruto to go with Sasuke. I am explained:
The adorable little blonde was so desperate of his separation with Hinata, he even was necessary for Hokage to lock him for a few times, to prevent him to go to take again Hinata from her new family. (Reaction very similar to that of Neji, except that Neji succed).
After a few times, the good mood of Naruto finally returned... and Sasuke profited to tell his feelings to him, which he hid for a long time (we wonders why...). This day, one heard an enormous "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAt!!" sounds in the streets of the city. Initially pronounced by Naruto when Sasuke made him his declaration , then by Sakura, from who Naruto went stupidly to require advise, then Ino after having learned the news from Sakura, then, as the news was propagated, by different ninja and gossips from Konoha, and even by the others  ninja villages. In short, everyone is well-informed that Sasuke loves Naruto.

After having cried like fountains during a whole night by eating ice cream vanilla, sitting over a sofa, Sakura and Ino decided courageously to sacrifice themselves and to implement all for the happiness of the man they love . And they ended up succeeding in pushing Naruto in the arms of Sasuke. And Now they are very happy toghether.
Sakura and Ino were comforted with the guys whom they had at disposal, namely, Ino with Shikamaru and Sakura with Lee (though, I would have put well Sakura with somebody of other, perhaps Shino, or another Chuunin.).  And they lived happy and had many children... finally it's almost that...

The story of the children, it will be for the followingchapter ... Sasuke+ Naruto =?
Neji+Hinata =?........ HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but these two couples can't have children!!!

chapter10: always in the cage

This is the evening  and Yuuki go at home after working all the day in the doctor 's cabinet, and then training with Neji. She's tired and she has really the impression that her eyes will explode. After carefully closed all the shutters, she withdraws with relief her black lentiles contact. what a relief! But Yuuki concentrates again her chakra in her eyes. The veins sillent under the skin and the vision of Hinata crosses the obscure village until reaching an imposing masonry: the Hyuga house. Hinata is not delayed on any the places where she lived her childhood, nor on her parents but she concentrates on a small shade who trains in the dojo.

 Hanabi, her little Hanabi, her so strong little sister. Hinata  sees that  she trains without rest in spite of the late hour, in spite of tiredness and wounds. And Hinata worry. Since Hinata left, nobody takes care on the small girl anymore; Well, all the family care of her health and of her training... but nobody is there for comforting her anymore, for relieving the pain of a too intense training, for simply discussing with her, to have fun and not think only of the combat. And Hinata sees that it lacks Hanabi to be regarded as human, rather than as a weapon. 

In the dojo, Hanabi stops to move and she concentrates her byakugan, launching it towards the direction of Kaishima. She remains a long time fixed, then she slackens. Hanabi don't succeed in seeing her sister over there. It is very far, even for her, and she can't maintain Byakugan a long time enough to seek her sister in the city. Her face is sad when she leaves the dojo, but she hardens her expression by seeing her father approaching. 

Hinata stops her Byakugan and become aware of tears on her cheeks. My little sister, I would like to see you again.  Little  sister....


VLAM!! The door of the council of ancient slaps strongly behind Neji, A Neji who obviously is angry by what the council told him. Tenten tries to catch his attention, but he walks in front of her without a word and  goes out  the building.
When he reachs the forest, he let his rage explode, let's say rather: He explode the poor tree before him. Then he sit on the ground, discouraged. " Could I become free too one day....?"
This evening, when Yuuki welcomes Neji on the door of her small apartment, she sees immediately that something is wrong. But Neji diverts his eyes and refuses to cross her glance. Something serious happened. Hinata doesn't ask any question, she knows that he has something to announce to her and that he will say her without turning. Indeed, the news tomb immediately.
Neji: "I will marry."
Hinata feels her heart miss a beat and time solidify. The tete empty, she can articulate only incoherent words. Impatient,Neji says: "The council and  my family chose for me a girl and want that the marriage takes place quickly."
The heart of Hinata succeeded in starting again to beat, but her now frantic beats fill her ears with a deaf noise. She articulates slightly: "Wh... Why?"
Neji: "to ensure the descent of the Hyuga family, of course!"
Hinata: "No... no..."
Neji: "You believe that it please me? But I don't have the choice... I don't have any.... freedom... "
Hinata: "I don't want... I don't want you marries another woman!!!"
Hinata is in tear now.
Neji: "Me either, I don't want. I said that I had a girlfriend, but the woman that they choose for me comes from a prestigious clan. Then the family decided that would be better than a unknown girl of the mountai. They made me well understand that there was no possible discussion." 
Hinata: "But they don't have the right to govern your life like that..." 
Neji: "You, were you able to make them change opinion when you were married? They are always like that. For them, we are only pawns!" 
Hinata: "And if I become pregnant, they will have to give up, no? I will marry with you, I will return in Hyuga's House if it's needed, but I don't want to lose you!" 
Neji answered of a soft voice: "Hinata.. we are too close by blood... it's impossible..." 
Hinata: "And somebody of other ...  the child would have the byakugan nevertheless and... everyone will believe that it's your.." 

The voice of Hinata fades in her throat by seeing the expression of Neji. 
Neji: "Somebody of other? another man? I forbid it,Hinata!" 
Hinata: "And I, I forbid  you to touch another woman that me!" 
Hinata has shouted. Then she starts to cry more and more extremely. Neji remains quiet, surprised by the violence of her cry. 
Hinata speaks again, the face hidden in her hands: "I would like that you stay free, I would like that we can love, I would like..." 
Neji doesn't find anything to answer. They aren't possible choice for him... he would like to take her in his arms and comfort her, to say her that he loves her,  to promise that there will stay together, but it would be a lie. It would not make her happy. 
Neji: "Try to find happiness, Hinata."
She looks him without wanting to understand. 
Neji: "Be happy with somebody of other. Be happy for me, please Hinata." 
Hinata: "My happiness is with you, Neji! ... Neji!... Nejiiiiiii!"
But he doesn't listen her anymore and leaves while running, so that he doesn't see her.....crying.

Hinata doesn't want to let him leave like that and she run to his pursuit. But he is faster and more skilled than her. In a turning of a street, she see that she lost him. Even her byakugan shows nothing.
Unable to take a step moreover, Hinata sanglote alone in the dark street.

"hm.. hey ... it's OK?"
Hinata feels a hand  be posed gently on her shoulder. Raising the head, she sees a face which she recognizes even in the obscurity  and with the eyes full with tears. Naruto. her best friend.
Naruto: "Erm, say, Yuuki,what's wrong.?"
Yuuki dries her tears the best than she can and tries to make good figure.
Naruto: "Something is really wrong ? what is it? it's because of Neji?"
Naruto and Yuuko were (again) becomen large friends since Yuuki worked in medical cabinet (to the largest anger from Neji). And Yuki is now the confidante of Naruto. But this evening, it's Yuuki which needs to entrust and to be listened.
Yuuki: "Neji... will marry."
Naruto: "You go marry, it's true?"
Yuuki: "NO! not with me, with a arranged marriage... "
And she start crying again. Naruto in front of her feels uneasy.
Naruto: "it's sad, that.....euh, say... it would be necessary that you return, it's late ... I will accompany you back....".

Supporting the crying Yuuki, Naruto brings back her to her apartment and sit her  in a sofa. Then he business in the kitchen and finishes by  bringing her a warm portion of ramen.
Naruto: " Eats, you will fell better after eating."
They eat both in silence, then Naruto speaks to Yuuki: "It shouldn't be funny to be Hyuga. You know, before, there was another Hyuga at the village... she had the same age."

Naruto continues while Yuuki listen him with a beating heart.
Naruto:  "She was called Hinata... and she resembled you much, I find. She was very nice, like you. And I loved her." 
The heart of Hinata made a jump in her chest. 
Naruto: "But she was married to a stranger. She left one day and I have never see heragain. When it happened, I was very sad, I wanted to go to save her, I was also furious against Hyuga. But I couldn't do anything for her. And while reconsidering  these events, I thinks that it's maybe better ... I would undoubtedly have caused her much of prejudice... Then I understand a little what you feel. But don't be mad against Neji, he can't do anything there."
Yuuki: "I know it ..." 
Naruto: "If I can do something to help you, says me and I would do it. I know how much it can hurt... " 

Hinata doesn't know very well. Events of the evening, words of Naruto, all that confuse her completely. she would like to curl up in the hot arms of Neji to reassure herselves, she would like to grab on to something, to not sink. And otherside, there is Naruto, which is there, before her , her childhood love, with his shining azure eyes , with his smile, his large chest and his muscular arms, so strong and so solids. Then Hinata curl up against him: "Stay a few..with me."

The morning finds them embraced together on the disordered bed-sofa . But the morning is not alone. It's with Sasuke.

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