Chapter 26: About Children

Although almost at the end of her pregnancy, Hinata must attend to the Village Council. She tries to sit comfortably on the uncomfortable chair and to listen attentively to the agenda of the meeting: financial statement, relations with Suna, promotions of Chunins and Jounins, public works, and first, safeguarding of the great genetic lineage. Hinata ticks. That's here, this subject....

Hokage: "I ask the chief of Hyuga clan to present the current states of her clan."

Hinata takes her breath: "The continuation of the Hyuga clan goes well. Among the former secondary members of the branch, there are many children born these last years (NdA: She has many distant cousins in the family). In a few years, there will be the chilren of Hanabi too…"
Counciller "And about your descent, and your husband's, Chef of Hyuga?"
Hinata: "We won't  have another child. We must avoid to weaken our clans by consanguineous tares. If my lineage comes to an end by accident, the title of chief will pass to Hanabi and her children."

Hokage: "Well. Now about the Uchiwa family. Who is in charge of this matter?" 

Counciller: " There's no evolution. Itachi Uchiwa, the true heir, can't be  found. We don't know if he has children or even a girlfriend. We don't if he's alive or dead, consequently we can't grant to Sasuke the direction of the Uchiwa clans. About Sasuke, everyone here knows his situation."

A moment of pensive silence in the room. Nothing can be done, Sasuke is absolutely and completly homosexual. Any attempt of seduction by a carefully trained Kunoichi has become a failure.
Counciller: "I ask the Council to impose him to secure his lineage before the end of the year. We have contacts with a powerful family of  Kiri village, which can send one of their daughter to marry Sasuke.  "

In herself, Hinata has a thought for Sasuke and Naruto. Their situation is difficult. How can she help them, altough she has already many problems herself… ?  With her timid voice, Hinata proposes: "Perhaps we can propose an artificial insemination to him, rather than to impose a wife … "

The Counciller who's trying to marry Sasuke with a woman of Kiri strikes down Hinata with his glance, but she supports it without even blinking.
Counciller: "The marriage with an Uchiwa is a condition for sending this woman. And a great marriage would restore he honnor of the Uchiwa clan." 

Hinata: "A couple of two man isn't shameful. Sasuke and Naruto are a stable couple. You want absolutely to break it because of your personal consideration. But did you think about the consequences? What will Naruto become if he is separated of Sasuke? You take the risk to see him leaving the villag. And the motivations of this family of Kiri aren't clear. It would be more secure to choose a woman of Konoha and asking her to bear Sasuke's children, without living with him. "
Counciller :" Hokage, you can't allow such an immoral situation to...."
Hokage: "What a good idea, chief of Hyuga clan. Since you are in amicals terms with Sasuke and Naruto, could you speak to them? If Sasuke agree, we'll seek for candidates."

Hinata is very happy about her idea and she goes at Sasuke's home the second after the end of the council. The blonde and smiling face of Naruto welcomes her at the door and makes her enter. The dark glance of Sasuke who's reading in the living room is definitely less accessible. He's rancorous, and the enormous belly of Hinata recall him what's happened between her and Naruto. He greets her vaguely with a sign of head, whereas Naruto makes her sit. 

Naruto: "It's nice to see you here!"
Sasuke: "What do you want?"
Naruto: "Sasuke, be nicer with Hinata …"
Hinata: "Hm, to tell the truth, there was a meeting with the Council. We spoke about you, and the Uchiwa… family..."

Sasuke launches his book on the ground violently: "Then, they want to impose me to marry? It's what you come to tell me?"
Naruto lowers his head: "Ah, it's about... that…"

As Naruto stand to leave the room, Sasuke catches up with him and seize him.
Naruto: " We already spoke about it, Sasuke, if they are the orders of the village, I don't want to oppose…"
Sasuke: " I want to, and..."
Hinata: "STOP!! Please listen to the end! The council DOES NOT force you to marry, Sasuke!"

The two men look at her with incomprehension.
Hinata: "You know what is an artificial insemination, Sasuke?"
Sasuke: "Yes."
Naruto: "??? What's that, Sasuke?"
Sasuke: "Drop it, I'll explain later. Does the Council accept that Naruto and me live together, and that I ask to a surrogate mother?"
Hinata: " Yes, a surrogate mother of Konoha would be better. If you have ideas, you can propose them, if not the Council will choose for you "
Naruto: "Will Sasuke have children? with who?"
Sasuke: "I don't care whith who, she won't put a feet here."
Naruto: "Really? And  the children? " 

Sasuke: "… it would be better that she guard them with her..."
Naruto: "What? Nooooo, I would like to see them, your children!  Me, I can't have one …" 

The sound of his voice seem deeper suddenly and he continues, without looking at neither Sasuke, nor Hinata. 

Naruto: " … There's no woman of the village who could accept to have a child with me, … the Demon Fox."

He seems so sad that Hinata sympathize with him. But when she opens her mouth to announce him that he has a child, Sasuke cut her while declaring: " The girls of the same age
Than us don't know anything about the Fox, baka!!"
Then he launches a warning glance  towards Hinata.
Sasuke: "and I know already at least one who likes you enough. But if she dare to try... "

Naruto is for once perspicacious and he looks at Hinata who reddens and made violent signs of denials for Sasuke.
Naruto: "Yes, I know… It won't happen anymore, I told you. But I like children…"
Sasuke: " kids are loud. We must take care of them all the time. If you really want one, we could adopt too. An orphan who won't be all alone like you."
Naruto: "and your children, then?"
Sasuke: "Their mother will take care of them very well. Maybe… I'll ask Sakura. She is with Lee now. If she doesn't agree,  I let the council choose... No... Hinata, you will choose for me. "
Naruto: "Sasuke and Sakura? Sasuke with a woman… It's strange."
Sasuke: " It's an artificial insemination, baka! "
Naruto: " What is an insemination?"
Hinata: " Hm, erm, I leave you.. bye"

Chapter 27: Little baby.


Hinata is quietly sitting in a sofa and is reading the registers of the village. She has seen Sakura just a few hours before, and she has refused to be the surrogate mother for Sasuke. Hinata understands her well. Sakura turned the page calledSasuke in her life. She doesn't want to turn  back. The choice of the future mother thus is in Hinata's hand.  She's searching a young woman in good health. With or without children already? Married or not married? It's hard to choose.

Hinata hears steps in the corridor, and she welcomes the return of her husband with a smile. Neji sit down next to her and kiss her.
Neji: "I'm back. You didn't tire yourself too much today?"
Hinata: "Welcome home, my darling"
Seein the books and the registers scattered in the room, Neji asks: "And what  is that?"
Hinata: "I'm choosing a surrogate mother for Sasuke."

The story of conversation between Naruto and Sasuke makes Neji smile and he takes Hinata in his arms. The lips close to her ear, he whispers to her: "I'm sure you'll choose the best one for him, you have good taste."
Hinata smiles and cherishes his hair gently. Whereas Neji begins to kiss her ear and her neck, his more insistent hands going up on her chest, Hinata  blocks his hands nicely and replies: "I'm sorry, Neji, but I'm not in the mood this evening."
Disappointed, he insists a little: "You aren't very receptive lately. We didn't make it since a long time..."
Hinata: "Sorry, but it's no."

Neji sigh and makes a sulky face. But as Hinata doesn't react and starts again to work, he makes his head rest against her belly to feel the small kicks of the baby and to speak to his child: "You know, my young lady, your mom isn't nice with me. Will you be like her?"
Hinata slaps him on the head gently with her books.
Neji: "You see, she even strikes me"
Hinata: "Neji, don't play child. It's her, the baby, not you."
Neji: "You're mean, my darling."
Hinata caresses his hair with a small laughter: "patience."

Much patience isn't needed.  A few day later, the baby announces her arrival. Early in the morning, whereas Neji is on the point of leaving to work, he hears Hinata shout: "NEJIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"
At once, he runs in the room in panic: "Hinata, what's happening?"
Hinata: "I believe  that the baby want to come! Send somebody to warn Hokage and takes me along to the hospital."

Forgetting completely his mission, Neji awakes all the servants and follows Hinata. One of the highly protected room of the maternity section welcom Hinata, who's indeed in childbirth. Completely panicked, Neji would like to be elsewhere, anywhere, but not in the childbirth room! Unfortunately, as Hinata crushes his hand in hers, He cant flee by any means. Fortunately for his nerves, the birth is rather quick and without complications. The obstetrician doctor receives in his hands a small red thing, who starts to shout with force. Neji can't detach his eyes of this small being, and of these four tails which undulate, animated with their own life. An absurd detail strikes him: the tails of foxes are of the same color as Hinata's hair. Oddly, he's reassured to know that the child won't be blonde. Hinata tightens his hands and receives on her chest her very little baby. She radiates happiness. Timidly, Neji leans and caresses with his finger the face of the child. He's happy.

The nurses and doctors who helped the birth are all Ninjas, who where chosen for their silence. They have order to reveal nothing. But the other nurses of the hospital aren't safe from chattering. Disturbing the young couple who's contemplating their child, the Hokage reminds to Hinata that she must do something before she and her daughter can rest in a room. Hinata agrees. Neji give her a bag, from where she she a blood -red ink and a fine feather. Hinata concentrates and breathes deeply. Then, without trembling, she starts to trace tiny signs on the bottom of the back of the new-born baby, just at the base of the four tail. Helped by her Byakugan, she traces red signs of a tenth of millimetre, rolled up in spiral around one of the points of chakra. When she activates the seal, it contracts and narrows at the same time as the tails disappear gradually. The baby hardly appreciates and cries more. When Hinata finishes, the young girl resembles to a normal baby. The seal became a very small red point at the base of her back, undetectable and illegible to a bare eye.

Hinata and her daughter can now rest in their room. Whereas a nurse pushes the bed towards the exit, the hokage asks: "What's her name?"
Neji: "Alia. Alia Hyuga."


The first visitors announce themselves immediately, they are the Hyuga parents and grandparents, plus Hanabi. Whereas the small Alia passes from hands in hands, the mother of Hinata declares that she has "a face which seems absolutely as obstinated as the Hyuga". Four other obstinated faces look at her oddly, and  Hinata laughs. She laughs even more when she sees Neji who's trying the most diplomatically possible to take back Alia from Hiashi's hands. It was  a long time since he hold a little baby in his arms, and he don't want to give the baby.

Only a few minutes after the departure of the Hyuga family, the second visitors pass the head by the door.
Hinata: "Naruto and Sasuke? what a surprise!! "
Neji: "How did you know? She's just born!"
Sasuke has a mocker glance, and he retorts: "You would not have forgotten something, Neji?"
Neji: "... the mission!! I forgot to warn the HQ!! "
Naruto: "Yep! The HQ  awoke Sasuke in one of his rest day, so that he takes your place. He's just back! It's the baby, Hinata? What's her name? "
Hinata: "Alia."
Neji sees that Hinata make the discrete but insistent signs in his direction, and he approaches Naruto to take care that he handles the baby with the necessary delicacy.
Naruto: "She's so small!! Sasuke, looks!!! "

Leaned against the wall, Sasuke makes a sign of head to answer. Hinata details his face. Why is he here? Why did he bring Naruto? It's difficult to determine his reasons, but Hinata can see that he did it so that Naruto can see his daughter... even if Naruti is unaware that, precisely, it's his daughter. Feeling the observation, Sasuke turns his glance towards Hinata: "congratulations, Hinata, it's a beautiful baby. And about my business...?"
Neji: "Sasuke, you could wait...."
Hinata: "It's alright, Neji, I have just finished. When you go home, will  you give Sasuke the black book on my desk? I selected three women, with their description and the results of the speech which I have had with them. The final choice is up to you, Sasuke. " _
Naruto: "I hope that you will have beautiful babies like that, you too, Sasuke!"

Alia was very patient until there, but now she starts to cry loudly. Naruto panics: "Hey! what happens? What did I do?"
Neji takes with authority the baby out of Naruto's arms and give her back to his wife, who reassures the light-haired boy.
Hinata: "She's hungry, don't worry, I will take care of her."

Sasuke takes Naruto by the arms and drags him towards the door.
Sasuke: "Do you understand now why I don't want a baby at home? They cry all the time!"
Finally left alone in a quiet room, the two parents look at their baby sucking, while Naruto and Sasuke go to work.

Chapter 28: The weight of the secrecies

When Hinata is authorized to leave the hospital, a small fest is organized in the house of Hinata and Neji. A small nonofficial  fest, with the close family and the friends. The new-born baby passes from arm to arm under the attentive monitoring of Neji, the even more vigilant "Grandfather"  Hiashi, and the terribly jealous Hanabi. It's "her" niece. Sasuke is here too, and speak with Hinata about Nami, the woman he chooses for surrogate mother. She's an unmarried young chuunin who had been registered on the lists in order to adopt a child. They agreed for two children at three years of intervals approximately. The mother will take care of them, with a comfortable financial assistance, and the right for Nami to live in one of the Uchiwa's properties.

Hinata: "Congratulations, Sasuke. I wish you to have beautiful children."

Naruto: "Me too, I wish!!"

Sasuke: "Stop with that, both of you."

As Alia starts to express loudly that it's her hour to eat,  Hinata takes back her daughter and go quietly in a room to nourish her. She leaves to Neji the responsability to take care of the guests. Aside a voracious appetite and an solid health, the small Alia seems nothing different from the others. Hinata looks at her  with love.
Her small treasure.
Their small treasure.
Neji and her will do anything so that she can in happiness. But a question stays unanswered. A distressing question: why did the demon-fox want to have a child? 

 The young parents look at  the growth of their child. They look at her waking up, agitating her small fist , smiling. Neji takes her from the cradle and Hinata makes her a kiss, then she leaves. She has an important meeting about demons with specialists. 
Hinata asks them the question which worries her, but they don't have sure answers. 
Some advance the assumption that it would be by instinct. All the animals have an instinct of reproduction, even the human ones. Others don't believe in the kyubi's instinct. What does Kyubi seek from his daughter?
But as nobody manages to understand what animates and justifies the Kyubi, the specialists can only discuss without  slicing. And there're other signs to analyze, like the seal in the belly of Hinata. He didn't change. MaybeKyubi want to wait for others children with Naruto? Hinata makes well understand that it's out of question. She won't betray Neji a second time.

Whereas the specialists continue to argue for one or the other of the assumption, Hinata turns toward Jiraya, who knows well about seals.

Hinata: "Since I bear a part of the Kyubi seal,  am I also related to him?" 

Jiraya: "Undoubtedly, yes. But with an extremely weak bond, and Naruto is a plug between you and him. Kyubi can't reach you directly, and you can't reach Kyubi without passing by Naruto. Even if he wanted it, I don't think that Kyubi would manage to erase the seal in you as long as you don't have intimate contacts with Naruto."

Hinata: "But in this case, I could also act on Kyubi, isn't this?"

Jiraya: "In theory, yes, but Kyubi is well too powerful for you, Hinata. It's better avoid being in contact with him."

Hinata answers nothing. She has an idea. Among all that the specialists in the Demons and Seals said, she picked certain numbers assumption which seem true to her. If her theory is checked, she will need to prepare  now. 

Hinata: "I may not have the choice. I will need your assistance, Jiraya."

When Hinata go back home, she finds Neji who's playing with Alia. Hinata smile to them, Alia, and Neji to reassure him. At the beginning, he just thought that his daughter had just four Fox tails, which had to be sealed to hide the paternity of the child. But he understands now that the secrecy which Hinata hide relates to the safety of the village, and undoubtedly to other important stakes. He's anxious. What he doesn't know worries him. Moreover, in spite of his repeated requests, Hinata refuses to reveal anything to him. He sees well that it's by honesty towards Naruto, and he suffers more.
 Hardly answering Hinata, he continues to agitate the coloured toy under the eyes of his daughter. He likes her so much, it's his daughter, he wants to. But this secrecy creates like a barrier, he can't know all about her. It's an inequality between him and Hinata, who knows more about their child than him, who has more information to take decisions than him. 
Hinata comes to sit down on the carpe, without knowing what to say. The silence lasts for ever.
Reacting to the ambient tension, Alia startsto cry. Hinata is fastest to take her in her arms and tries to comfort her. 

Gently, she speaks to her: "My, my, it's nothing. It's only a secrecy that I can't say...."

Neji continues its sentence: "... and which poisons our life that won't last eternally like that, Hinata. I'm fed up."

Hinata: "Neji, I promised to Naruto.."

Neji: "I know, I know, I know. Naruto, Naruto, Naruto." 

Alia cries more, Hinata rises to rocks her. Neji stays on the carpe and turn vainly his doubts and his anguishes in his head. Naruto, Naruto, Naruto... Suddenly, he takes a decision.
He rises, then he says to Hinata: "I return soon, and after we will discuss again, Hinata."

She looks at him leaving without understanding, and without stopping him. He said that he will return, she trusts him.

Neji leaves the manor to go in the city. As he progresses, his steps are less and less ensured, less and less rapid. And he ends up stopping in way. The mystery which surrounds his daughter make him suffer, it's true. He's wounded that Naruto imposed the silence to his wife on a certain subject, it's true. But himself, Neji, does the same. He imposed on Hinata the silence about the true paternity of the child. And she bare the weight of these two secrecies without weakness,. Hinata does her best for him and for her daughter too. Secrecy vs secrecy, confidence vs confidence. 
Naruto trusts Hinata, but not Neji. 
Neji trusts Hinata, but not Naruto. 
It can't last like that. Neji wants to trust Naruto, so that Naruto trusts him too. And also... because what he will do is fairer, even if it's hard for him.

Gathering his determination, Neji keeps on the way. Right at Naruto's appartement. He finds him in training. Naruto opens the door to Neji with surprise. 

Naruto: "Neji? what do you do here? " 

Neji: "I want to speak to you." 

Naruto makes a funny grimace: "It's about Hinata, I bet. Sasuke bothers me with her recently, it's painful. I don't know why! I said him that it was the past!"

Neji: "In fact... not really... You will understand. I have something very important to say to you."
Neji sit on the settee encumbered of parchment and Naruto sit on a chair.

Naruto: "I'm listening." 

Neji: "The baby of Hinata, Alia.... She's...... She's not mine."

Neji closes the eyes and completes: "... She's yours."

Chapter 29: The words which can free you

A Silence, a very long silence, a silence which is stopped suddenly by a sudden noise. This noise makes Neji opens his eyes. A sob. Naruto is crying. Very embarrassed, Neji lowers his glance and looks at the floor without speaking.

Naruto: ".... and you didn't tell me anything you? And even Hinata didn't tell me? and......."
 Neji: "   It's... it's my fault, Naruto. I'm the one who forbid her to tell  you. I wanted to keep them for me... Hinata... Alia too. Forgive me."
Naruto: " Well,  you won all! You have Hinata for you, and... your .... my daughter for you... and .... Never! I would never have taken Hinata away from you! She's happy with you! It's true, I was insane of rage and pain when she left the village. It's true, I loved her. But now, she has you. And me, I have Sasuke."
Neji: "... and you have Alia, too."

Naruto rises and begins to walk in the room  with agitation. He stops before the window, looking outside like a bird in a cage.
Naruto: "I... I would like... to see my daughter."

Neji feels his heart tightening. He nods and Naruto follows him out of the appartment. They walk without speaking until the Hyuga manor. In the living room, an amazed Hinata ses successively Neji, then Naruto, each one as upset as the other.
She asks them with concern : "Did something happen?"
 Naruto is the first to ask: "Hinata... Alia... Is she really my daughter?" 

Hinata looks at Neji with surprise, but he supports her glance with a painful expression.
Then Hinata answers: "Yes."

Now, Naruto looks at Alia, without daring to move. Then,  Hinata give  Alia to him. Naruto takes in his arms the baby who looks at him with attention. Neji leaves the room, and Hinata comes to join him in the corridor. She tightens him against her in silence. He trembles in her arms.

After a long moment, Naruto opens the door of the living room, holding Alia in his arms. He comes right in front of Hinata and Neji, and tends the small girl with an awkward gesture tends to them.
Naruto: "You'll care of her well, ne? .... it's better.... she has a true family." 

Hinata: "You'll come to visit her, Naruto. And we'll tell her the truth someday."

Neji takes Alia in his arms, his throat is too tied to say thank you. He'll say it later.

Naruto: " To tell the true... you're really a nice guy , Neji. I can rely on you."
Suddenly Hinata asks: "Naruto... Could I speak to Neji.... about... the Fox? And there're also things which you must know about Alia."
Naruto: "Hinata.... yes, tell him. Now I want to be alone. I'll return to see you another day,  to speak about Alia. " 

As Naruto is leaving, Neji calls him: "Naruto!"
Naruto: "What?"
Neji: "Sasuke... knows about Alia."
Naruto: "What? Sasuke too!? What a dirty rat !! It's for that reason that he bothers me with Hinata since all this time! He'll see! To hide this!!"
Neji: "Naruto! wait!"

Naruto: "what more?"
Neji: "With that, you are even, Sasuke and you."

A great smile appears suddenly on Naruto's face, and he greets the three Hyuga with a sign of hand before disappearing. 

Emptied by the tension and the emotion, Neji and Hinata are now sitting one against the other on the sofa after having put Alia in her bed.
Hinata: "Neji... you know.. Naruto is the host of Kyubi, the Nine tails Fox who had devastated the village before our... before my birth. The Fox is sealed in Naruto's body since this time. It's because of the Fox that I fell pregnant, because of the seal. And about the tails of Alia, it's also him "
Neji show that  he understood with his head, but he doesn't want to speak. The abscess is now burst, it could be emptied, now it can cure.  Hinata cherishes him with tenderness and rocks him against her. He had much courage. He faced the truth.

Chapter 30: In growth

- Neji POV-

Alia is growing quickly, She's really a full healthy bab ...  sometimes a little tiring baby. She often starts to crying in the middle of the night, without reasons. Vave all the little baby nightmares  already? Hinata and me, we relay in vain to rock her and sing Lullagy, but  nothing make her stop. She cries like that sometimes during one hour before falling asleep again. It's incomprehensible. On the other hand, the day, she's very active! Whereas Hinata and me... are exhausted. My dear lovely Alia,   who chirps merrily, who walks on all fours through  our mansion, who sows her toys  three kilometer away, and who always finds a way to put her small fingers on a forgotten shuriken.... Fortunately, she inherited from Kyubi a great capacity of regeneration. Undoubtedly, her appetite also comes from him.... She's so nice, my daughter.

Her laughter and her chirps were transformed into more built sounds, and she said her first word today. Enough near to "mom", in my opinion. She repeated it at least 20 times this morning, and understood that when she says "mom", Hinata come.
Neji: "My small treasure, lets Mom work. Today I give you the bath "
Alia: "Mommy! Mommy!!"
Neji: "And Dad, you manage to say it?"
Alia: "Mommy!"
I plunge my small Alia in the hot water of the bath, and immediately she starts to type happilly on the surface of water, soaking all the bathroom. She adores that. We always end the bath of Alia as soaked as if we had took ourself the bath. But I'm pleased to see her so merry.

The second word she says  touched me right in the heart. "Daddy!!" She looked at me, tightens her toy in my direction and  said "Da -- Dy."
I'm truly happy. Even if I'm not her real father, it's me she calls Dad. I didn't think...  that would make me so happy.
Neji: "Yes, it's that, it's dad."
She continues to tighten to me her small cuddly toy. I lie down in front of her, and I listen to her small voice which stammers: "Dad, Daddy, Daddy!" It's like a song for me.
Did I said  that Alia  could run before even walk? ... Ah? I talk too much about my daughter?  Yes, I know, I am a dad completely nuts in front of my daughter, Tenten already pointed out it to me. But there's worse than me. There's my uncle, for example. Good, I have the right to adore my daughter, no?  I know well that she's not my biological daughter.  Moreover Naruto regularly comes to visit us. He's as nuts as me with Alia, I can guarantee it . It's normal, Alia is the most beautiful of small girls. But she's my daughter nevertheless and I like her.

We have worried much during the pregnancy and the first months of the life about Alia, concerning Kyubi and the tails of Fox. But nothing occurred. No evolution neither for Alia, neither for Naruto, nor for Hinata... but when I think that this Fox dared to register a seal on my Hinata, I feel kind of jealous! Fortunately, all is well. We remain vigilant, but  Alia can live a normal life with us.

Alia had 1 years, then two years, and the birthdays went one after the other at full speed. I have sometimes the impression that, just yesterday, she was this very little pink baby. Now she's a very sharp and laughing girl .
The dark hair of Hinata, large white  eyes,  a little almond-shape, in her very round, typical face of Hyuga, and always a so radiant smile... not Hyuga-ish at elle. It's Naruto-isch.
Naruto: "To have a brighten up face like Alia, it's not typical Hyuga. I always had the impression that you were sulky, formerly, Hinata and you."
Neji: "I hope that she won't become an idiot with a great smile like you, at least."
Naruto laughs and gives me a large snap in the back, making me reverse my glass. He passed by to visit us this evening when returning of mission, and end up  drinking in the garden with us, while looking at "our" daughter playing balloon with Hinata.
Neji: "About sulky people... Sasuke is now how with his son?"
Naruto: "He still doesn't understand what to do with a child. However,  Soushi is now four years old, he had plenty of time to be accustomed. The kid isn't easy, but the mother is great, and super patient. I believe that the second child is on the way now, there was a little delay in the program, with the last mission of Sasuke  which retained him during months at Suwa.... "
Neji: " Your team of Genin works well?"
Naruto: "Not bad, they more or less manage to work together. It's very different from what we were, Sasuke, Sakura and me. And you, then, you'll have Genin when? "
Neji: "I think that I won't escape to the next academy promotion. The Hokage already warned me that I was on the list of teachers. But, frankly, to train three kids in weak missions, I find it boring!"
Naruto: "Wait to have your team! Quickly you'll adore them, I'm sure! With my three genins, we... "

The balloon striking Naruto in full face prevents him to speak about his team. Alia laughs at her joke.
Hinata: "It isn't nice to send balls in the head, Alia."
Alia: "Come to play, Naruto!!"
No need to tell more and Naruto jumps in the garden, balloon in hand and howling. Frankly, between Alia and Naruto, I wonder who is  the kid sometimes... the balloon launched towards my head gives the awaited answer: it's Naruto.
Neji: "Wait a little!!"
I return the ball toward him, aiming his laughing face. And now I'm dragen in the play. I must say... Hinata, Alia, Naruto and me, we resembles to fourkids.... I believe that we were contaminated by the Naruto-virus. I wonder why it doesn't work with Sasuke.
Hinata: "Neji, Naruto, stop firing the ball to the head, it's a bad example for Alia."

It's a pity that Naruto and his team didn't still return of mission, he'll miss Alia's first day in the Ninja Academy. For the occasion, Hinata and me are wearing our kimonos carrying the Hyuga armorial. Hinata is beautiful. She  took a few weight these last years, because she trains less, but she's  beautiful as ever. She starts to be known in the doctor community, and the microseals became her speciality. She's the only Ninja medical to practise this technique, and she develops it gradually. We greet the other parents whose children enter school today. Like all those of her age, Alia is very excited and she jumps with impatience, without releasing my hand. She's in a hurry to enter "the great school of Ninja".  After the reception speech of the Hokage, the teacher calls the children. When she hears "Hyuga Alia", my daughter releases my hand and leaves, running to join her class. I have like a pinching in the heart, to see her leaving, alone, on the way of the shinobi. Leaving us behind her, us, her parents. She had grown. She's growing.

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